Global Footprint

YFD has since inception been an online business which has grown our infrastructure and network from our initial start-up of just one simple reseller account to multiple reseller accounts and dozens of virtual and dedicated servers.

Although YFD is first and foremost a South African company, the cost and often limited offerings available locally has nurtured growth resulting in core infrastructure being domiciled in the USA and Europe with essential facilities deployed at home.

A custom CDN built and operated by YFD is used to deliver content to our visitors in an effort to ensure a low latency and high performance browsing experience for visitors from countries that usually fall outside of traditional CDN POP locations including South Africa & India.

As a rule YFD will build and operate its own infrastructure where feasible to minimize dependency on third party providers in an effort to ensure high availability of services to all customers.

All YFD websites are built using responsive technologies creating a simple to manage but highly compatible presentation layer for content.