Shifting consumer behaviour and an ever growing digital world has encouraged YFD to enter the e-commerce market with 4 online stores in the future roadmap. The first store, Electrohut, is scheduled to launch on the 1st of November 2014 and will form the operational and logistical foundation of future expansion into the sector.

On the strength of the foundation built during 2014, expansion will continue throughout 2015 with YFD focusing on niche product lines in the South African market. Consumer trends towards online shopping continue to be positive and there is every indication that e-commerce is set to boom in South Africa.

The current operational focus is towards securing manufacturing agreements and building the logistics network in line with our vision of an online retail model capable of delivering products to consumers within 24 hours countrywide. Two manufacturing/supply agreements have already been secured and the initial stock is being produced and shipped. Logistical agreements are currently in negotiation and will be concluded by the end of September 2014 in preparation for the launch.

E-commerce and Retail have long been on the YFD roadmap and as the launch of the first venture approaches there is certainly a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.